Planets Textures Generator

As I am passionate about astrophysics, and when I see documentaries of the universe became fascinated, I always wanted to develop a game about space.Thinking about this, I came up an idea, design textures of planets so that they have a variety of colors and shapes is a time consuming task.So I needed a random generator planets textures, and that’s what I will show in this DevThe way I found to do this is to use javascript with photoshop.The system consists of two files, the photoshop file. “Psd” and the javascript file. “Jsx”.HERE you can download these files.To use the generator need to edit the “. Jsx” and change the paths.In the file there are two variablespsdfile var = “C :/ Users / root / Desktop / master.psd”;This refers to the file path on your computer master.psdvar outputFolder = “C Users/root/Desktop/ramdomTextures3”;This refers to the directory where the textures were generated.

Once the file path right.

Open the photoshop

>> File >> Scripts >> Browse

And select the “. Jsx” and ready. Photoshop will start loading the textures generated in the specified folder

Here are some of the results

And here some of the renderings I’ve gotten in Maya.
Also you can customize the .psd file for higher textures.
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